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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Off Campus Media?

Off Campus Media is an open organization of students and business professionals, looking to promote various events all over the lower main-land that appeals to college students to get familiar and interact with local people and businesses.

What kind of events are involved?

We do not focus on just one genre of events, but promote all kinds of entertainment including public sponsorship, dance clubs, car/boat shows, special appearances, etc.

How to I purchase tickets?

Each posted event on site will lead to the event's main web page where you can purchase the ticket's directly. Click on "Store > Tickets" to get to a direct link to the page where you can make your purchase. You do not have to sign up, but it will save your credit information for your next purchase. Check out our private policy for more info.

How do I promote an event?

Off Campus Media is always looking into promoting various events all over the lower main-land. We encourage people to contact the administration department (1-800-555-5555) or send an email to We would also like to enform you that not all requested events will be posted.

Are there any special deals on tickets and merchandise?

Most venues offer deals when you pre-purchase tickets to their events. Off Campus Media often offers special deals the same way. The price for tickets are set and cannot be negotiated. Contact a sales rep or call the venue's sales rep for more info.